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Welcome to SAMSON Self-Defense Systems

Samson Defense are Manufactures and Suppliers to Military, The Private Security sector and Retail Arms and Ammunition stores. We manufacture and supply our own range of Bullet proof vests and pepper sprays. We supply bullet proof vests world wide. All our vests are made acording to the NIJ 0101.06 standard and we stand by our product as being the strongest. 

SAMSON is growing at a rapid rate and we strive to provide our clients with fast and effective service. Slade Industries has had a policy of developing and testing our own products. To achieve this Slade Industries has always had "in house" test facilities 

SAMSON provides a wide range of products at the best possible prices to our clients. From bullet proof vests, pepper sprays, tasers, hand-cuffs, combat boots, riot equipment, metal detectors, to Gun safes and rifle bags. We also supply custom made bullet proof vests (pouches, size, style and level).

SAMSON Produces its own range of Self Defense Pepper Sprays. A powerful formular to ensure your attacker is out of action for 30 minutes. With a spray range of 3 meters you can keep your attacker at bay. Our formular is completely natural, and leaves no after effects except a brused ego and hopefully some jail time

SAMSON Supplies a wide range of Combat boots at affordable prices

SAMSON supplies a wide range of Bullet proof vests. From the standard Kevlar armed reaction Bullet proof vest to Tactical Military Bullet proof vests level IV. We are also direct importers of the Mit Gel vest, a bullet proof vest that uses Gel rather than Kevlar. All our Ballistic plate are manufactured to NIJ standards and are NIJ approved